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  1. Japan's Current Account Surplus Widened In January
  2. Forex Exchange Morning Report
  3. US Jobs Bring Upside Surprise
  4. FX Technical Commentary
  5. Usd/Cad Overview and Outlook
  6. EURUSD: Risk Still Building On The Upside
  7. EMU Economic Indicators Preview
  8. GBPUSD: Closes On A Hammer, Set To Recover Higher
  9. Weekly Review and Outlook: Commodity Currencies Soared, Yen Tumbled on Risk Appetite
  10. USD/JPY Weekly Outlook
  11. EUR/USD Weekly Outlook
  12. AUD/USD Weekly Outlook
  13. USD/CHF Weekly Outlook
  14. GBP/USD Weekly Outlook
  15. EUR/CHF Weekly Outlook
  16. USD/CAD Weekly Outlook
  17. EUR/GBP Weekly Outlook
  18. EUR/JPY Weekly Outlook
  19. GBP/JPY Weekly Outlook
  20. The Weekly Bottom Line
  21. FX Strategy Weekly
  22. Weekly Economic and Financial Commentary
  23. Cable Seperates Euro Thread
  24. USD/JPY Gains on BOJ Easing Speculation
  25. Weekly Focus: ECB Struck a Dovish Tone
  26. The Week Ahead
  27. Weekly Technical Update: Commodity Currencies Take the Week
  28. Commodity Pairs Split - Aussie Bulls Have The Edge
  29. Got Pips? Get Ready
  30. Market Weekly Wrap
  31. USD & JPY Lower, NFP Falls Less Than Expected, Stocks Rise
  32. USD/JPY Rockets Higher After Solid U.S. Data Releases
  33. AUD/USD Tests Previous March Highs
  34. Chart of The Day: EUR/USD
  35. Elliott Wave Charting: Aud/Usd Weekly Review
  36. GBP/USD Fluctuates as Investors Digest U.S. Data
  37. EUR/USD Dips in Reaction to U.S. Data
  38. US Market Update
  39. Afternoon Forex Overview
  40. Elliott Wave Charting: Dollar Index
  41. Trade Idea: GBP/USD - Sell at 1.5265
  42. Trade Idea: USD/CHF - Stand aside
  43. Trade Idea: EUR/USD - Stand aside
  44. Bonds Slide after Jobs Data
  45. Weekly Market Commentary
  46. Greece: Cautious Relief
  47. EUR/USD Awaiting Breakout from Congestion
  48. Trade Idea: USD/JPY - Buy at 89.00
  49. EUR/USD Mid-Day Outlook
  50. GBP/USD Mid-Day Outlook
  51. USD/CHF Mid-Day Outlook
  52. US: Employment Dodges a Snowball
  53. USDJPY Above 90 on Slightly Positive US Employment Report
  54. U.S. February Payrolls Fell Less than Expected and the Unemployment Rate Held Steady
  55. AUD/USD On to 0.92
  56. USD/JPY Mid-Day Outlook
  57. Mid-Day Report: Yen Sharply Lower as NFP Beats Expectations
  58. Non-Farm Payrolls Show Economy Shed a Smaller than Forecast 26K Jobs
  59. The Euro and Sterling Struggling to Achieve Even 'Dead Cat' Bounces
  60. Currency Traders May Ignore Stormy Labor Data
  61. USDJPY: Turns Off The 88.12 Level, Remains Vulnerable
  62. EURUSD: Looks For A Trigger
  63. FX Thoughts for the Day
  64. USD Mixed, JPY Lower on BOJ Ease Speculation
  65. Range-Bound Trade About To Break
  66. Technical Analysis Daily: USD/JPY
  67. Markets Rally Pre NFP- USD Holds Gains
  68. London Session Recap
  69. European Market Update
  70. Greece Far From Out Of The Woods, Despite Successful Debt Sale
  71. Today's Market Outlook
  72. Forex Technical Analysis
  73. Currency Crosses Pairs Analysis
  74. Trade Idea: EUR/JPY - Buy At 119.10
  75. EUR/JPY Elliott Wave Analysis
  76. USD/CAD Elliott Wave Analysis
  77. Trade Idea: AUD/USD - Buy At 0.8865
  78. U.K.'s Producer Prices Continue Its Rise In February
  79. Buy The Dollar On Any Payroll Dip
  80. EUR/JPY Candlesticks and Ichimoku Analysis
  81. NZD/USD Candlesticks and Ichimoku Analysis
  82. EUR/USD: Eyes In The U.S.
  83. Daily FX Report
  84. Technical Analysis Daily: GBP/USD
  85. Morning Forex Overview
  86. Forex Technical Analytics
  87. Technical Analysis for Major Currencies
  88. Dollar Review- Pre NFP
  89. EUR/USD Traders Are Still Looking For A New Trading Theme
  90. Non Farm Payrolls Expected To Show A Loss Of 50,000 Jobs In The US For The Month Of F
  91. Forex Technical Update
  92. Technical Analysis for Crosses
  93. Daily Technical Outlook
  94. FX Technical Analysis
  95. Trade Idea: USD/CHF - Stand Aside
  96. Trade Idea: GBP/USD - Stand Aside
  97. Trade Idea: EUR/USD - Stand Aside
  98. Nonfarm Payrolls
  99. Asia Session Recap
  100. USDJPY Rebounds From 3-Mth Lows Amid Talk BOJ Is On The Cusp Of Further QE Measures
  101. EUR/JPY Daily Outlook
  102. EUR/CHF Daily Outlook
  103. EUR/GBP Daily Outlook
  104. Trade Idea: USD/JPY - Stand Aside
  105. GBP/JPY Daily Outlook
  106. AUD/USD Daily Outlook
  107. USD/CAD Daily Outlook
  108. USD/JPY Daily Outlook
  109. GBP/USD Daily Outlook
  110. USD/CHF Daily Outlook
  111. Asian Market Update
  112. Technical Analysis Daily: EUR/USD
  113. EUR/USD Daily Outlook
  114. Daily Report: Dollar Stays in Range ahead of Non-Farm Payrolls
  115. UK Output Producer Prices on Year Inch Higher
  116. The Euro Slips As The ECB Is Set To Keep Interest Rates Low
  117. ECB Continues On A Slow And Steady Path
  118. Daily Financial Market Outlook
  119. Foreign Exchange Market Commentary
  120. Market Morning Briefing
  121. Forex and Dow Jones Recommended Levels
  122. The Daily Forecaster: EURJPY
  123. Daily Technical Analysis
  124. FX Technical Commentary
  125. US Non Farm Payrolls Ahead
  126. Forex Exchange Morning Report
  127. New York Session Recap
  128. Interesting Setup Ahead Of US Employment
  129. Greenback Rises Ahead of Employment Report
  130. AUD/USD Reward and Risk Assessment for Bullish Swing
  131. GBP/USD Continuation Eyes 1.45
  132. AUD/USD Stays Range-Bound Around 90
  133. USD/JPY Surges After Days of Steady Decline
  134. GBP/USD Consolidates Above 1.50
  135. EUR/USD Weakens Following ECB Decision
  136. US Dollar Gains, Jobless Claims Fall More than Expected
  137. ECB Holds Rates Steady, But Makes Moves to Tighten Monetary Policy
  138. USD Higher, Jobless Claims Fall, Pending Home Sales Tank
  139. ECB Meeting: A Slow Normalisation
  140. Afternoon Forex Overview
  141. Daily Trade Analysis: USDJPY
  142. USD/JPY Nears Resistance
  143. ECB Press Conference: No Mention Of You-Know-Who
  144. US Market Update
  145. Chart of The Day: EUR/JPY
  146. Cable Holds Euro Tightrope
  147. Eur/Usd: Hala volume of Acquisitions
  148. ECB Continued to Mop Up Excess Liquidity as Growth Outlook Improved
  149. Trade Idea: GBP/USD - Sell at 1.5265
  150. Bonds Respond to Rally in Dollar
  151. Wall Street Wall o' Worry
  152. Trade Idea: USD/CHF - Stand aside
  153. Trade Idea: EUR/USD - Buy at 1.3500
  154. Trade Idea: USD/JPY - Buy at 88.30
  155. Mid-Day Report: Yen Reversed as 3-Month Libor Drops Below Dollar
  156. EUR/USD Mid-Day Outlook
  157. GBP/USD Mid-Day Outlook
  158. USD/CHF Mid-Day Outlook
  159. USD/JPY Mid-Day Outlook
  160. USDJPY Spiking Higher - Why?
  161. Dollar Index and Equity Outlook
  162. Currencies Calm ahead of Labor and Retail Sales Data
  163. USD Higher, Greek Fiscal Troubles May Delay ECB Exit
  164. Bond Markets and Fed Rhetoric: Lessons from 2003-04
  165. The Queue Outside the Unemployment Office to Get Even Longer
  166. A Full Opening Act ... to Keep Traders' Blood Flowing
  167. FX Thoughts for the Day
  168. USDCHF: Risk Continues To Point Lower
  169. EURUSD: Holding Cautiously Off The 1.3735 Level
  170. Aud/Usd Top of A Correction
  171. Technical Analysis Daily: USD/JPY
  172. Trade Idea: EUR/JPY - Buy At 119.10
  173. Trade Idea: AUD/USD - Buy At 0.8920
  174. EUR/GBP Elliott Wave Analysis
  175. USD/CHF Elliott Wave Analysis
  176. Germany Not Convinced - USD Firmer
  177. London Session Recap
  178. European Market Update
  179. Today's Market Outlook
  180. Global Market Prepares Red Flags
  181. Euro Zone's 4Q GDP Unrevised
  182. Waiting On The BoE & ECB
  183. USD/CAD Candlesticks and Ichimoku Analysis
  184. EUR/CHF Candlesticks and Ichimoku Analysis
  185. Daily FX Report
  186. Currency Crosses Pairs Analysis
  187. GBP Woes Continue As U.S. Dollar Strengthen
  188. Technical Analysis Daily: GBP/USD
  189. Foreign Exchange Market Commentary
  190. Morning Forex Overview
  191. Euro Shows Only Very Limited Gains On Greek Austerity Package. USD/JPY Drops Below Ke
  192. Forex Technical Analysis
  193. Forex Technical Analytics
  194. BOE and ECB Take Center Stage
  195. Bullish Stance Today, But Watch Out For Interest Rate Announcements From ECB And BoE
  196. FX Technical Analysis
  197. Daily Technical Outlook
  198. Technical Analysis for Major Currencies
  199. Technical Analysis for Crosses
  200. AUD/USD Daily Outlook
  201. USD/CAD Daily Outlook
  202. EUR/GBP Daily Outlook
  203. EUR/CHF Daily Outlook
  204. EUR/USD Daily Outlook
  205. Asian Market Update
  206. Bank Of England And European Central Bank Rate Decisions Today Both Expected To Remai
  207. Trade Idea: GBP/USD - Exit Short Entered At 1.5120
  208. USD/CHF Daily Outlook
  209. Trade Idea: USD/CHF - Sell At 1.0830
  210. GBP/USD Daily Outlook
  211. Forex and Dow Jones Recommended Levels
  212. Forex Technical Update
  213. GBP/JPY Daily Outlook
  214. EUR/JPY Daily Outlook
  215. Trade Idea: EUR/USD - Stand Aside
  216. BoE And ECB Announce Interest Rates As Euro Zone GDP Unchanged
  217. Asia Session Recap
  218. The EUR Finds Its Feet As Greece Reveals Details Of Its Fiscal Austerity Measures
  219. Daily Report: Yen Building Up Momentum, ECB and BoE in Focus
  220. USD/JPY Daily Outlook
  221. Trade Idea: USD/JPY - Buy At 87.40
  222. Technical Analysis Daily: EUR/USD
  223. Daily Financial Market Outlook
  224. Sterling Rises On Better Than Expected Service's PMI And A Recovery In Sight
  225. Currency Pair Daily Forecasts
  226. Daily Technical Analysis
  227. The Daily Forecaster: USDCAD
  228. Market Morning Briefing
  229. Capital Spending In Japan Continued To Declined
  230. Bad Weather May Distort Friday's US NFP
  231. FX Technical Commentary
  232. Greece Austerity Measures Help Euro
  233. Forex Exchange Morning Report
  234. New York Session Recap
  235. Euro Rallies on Greek Plan
  236. USD Tumbles on Improved Risk-Appetite
  237. Beige Book: Economic Conditions Improved Modestly
  238. USD Lower, Service PMI Expands at Best Pace in Two Years
  239. Swing Coming On The Dollar
  240. EUR/USD Stalking Retracement
  241. Greece Proposed Further Budget Cuts, Euro Rallies
  242. Greece Stabilized? If So, What Next for Euro? ECB Rate Cut?
  243. US Market Update
  244. Recovery Prospects Hamper Bonds
  245. U.S. ISM Non-Manufacturing Outpaces Market Expectations
  246. Afternoon Forex Overview
  247. GBP/JPY Closing in on Projection
  248. USD/JPY Stalking Consolidation in Range
  249. Trade Idea: GBP/USD - Sell at 1.5120
  250. Trade Idea: USD/CHF - Sell at 1.0830